Present and former collaborators

  • Emanuela Del Gado, Georgetown University, USA.
  • Gareth H. McKinley, MIT, USA.
  • Martin Lenz, LPTMS, France.
  • Giuseppe Foffi, LPS-Orsay, France.
  • Cécile Sykes, Institut Curie, France.
  • Olivia du Roure, ESPCI-Paris, France.
  • Julien Heuvingh, ESPCI-Paris, France.
  • Peter Olmsted, Georgetown University, USA.
  • Xiaoming Mao, University of Michigan, USA.
  • Kirsten Martens, CNRS, LiPhy Grenoble, France.
  • Thibaut Divoux, CNRS, ENS Lyon, France.
  • Ramaswamy Krishnan, Harvard Medical School, USA.
  • Martin R. Pollak, Harvard Medical School, USA.
  • Luca Cipelletti, Charles Coulomb Montpellier, France.
  • Martin Trulsson, Lund Univeristy, Sweden.
  • Bruno Andreotti, ENS-Paris, France.
  • Eric Clément, ESPCI-Paris, France.
  • Philippe Claudin, ESPCI-Paris, France.
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